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uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 13; ed 12 - vs. Indiana

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4 minutes ago, jayschool said:

True. I'd be happy if his role were as a bench player who can be put back on the bench if he's not feeling it on a particular night. He and Tominaga aren't similar players, but they can have similar roles, and we may need both a guard and a forward off the bench who can shoot well from deep.


Yes.  I could see them sub in Lat and Tominaga for a 5-out set.   

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- That's a mediocre Indiana team. They have one of the worst offenses in the conference, didn't really shoot the lights out tonight, but still scored 84 points. Our defense has been very poor the last

His ability exceeded my expectations and that makes me more optimistic for the future. We could potentially have him for two more years (this year doesn’t count for eligibility right?). A solid post p

I think I’ve seen enough of the Teddy Buckets era to see this isn’t how winning, team basketball operates. 

2 hours ago, jayschool said:

Stevenson acquitted himself reasonably well, but Yvan's February return will help a lot.

I thought we saw the best basketball we've seen all year from Stevenson last night. He got off to a bit of a rough start, but we saw more from him that looked more like what I was expecting to see from him. Hopefully he builds off it and settles more into his role here.

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7 hours ago, Dead Dog Alley said:


Can you simplify your message a bit so some of us cognitively challenged folks can better understand?  I visit this site for quick takes, not expansive tracts like this full of profound concepts that I have no chance of grasping.

I dont think this team is worth writing a long summary about it's pretty much the same thing over and over.

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