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8 hours ago, AuroranHusker said:



Didn't hurt his shooting percentage tonight after that 1-10 performance the prior outing. All in all, that's improvement.


And he seemed to be supportive of his teammates. I saw progress.

I was pleased to see him up cheering and encouraging his teammates.

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I just dont see him working on any P5 conference team unless they want their team to be revolved around 1 player. I think thats the only way he will work on a team is if that team plays for him which is why i think he will go to a mid-level D1 school. 


If this has been causing the team chemistry problems then I am glad he is stepping away but there is litterally like 3 or 4 games left. Not sure why not finish it out. 

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14 minutes ago, thrasher31 said:

If he's graduating in the fall, he's not staying in school. He will likely go play pro ball overseas somewhere. 


I think this was always in the cards

You wonder if thats his route.  I guess therecis no other options but wonder about his kids

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