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If last year's team played this year's team 20 times ...

In 20 games against last year's squad, this year's team would win ...  

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  1. 1. In 20 games against last year's squad, this year's team would come away with ...

    • 7 wins or fewer
    • 8 or 9 wins in 20 games
    • 10 wins/10 losses
    • 11 or 12 wins in 20 games
    • 13 or 14 wins in 20 games
    • 15 wins or more

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I assume Mack would be suspended for many of the games, correct? 

I'm unable to vote because the single most common characteristic of Nebraska basketball over the years is our ability to beat ourselves, so it's one of those "immovable rock vs. irresistible force" si

I’m going with what I see.

On 1/6/2021 at 6:21 PM, hskr4life said:


I feel like this is our motto.  How many years have we said something like this.


if Cookie plays, If Cope doesn't get hurt, if we didn't lose to CU the last regular season game, if Robert Sallie... the list goes on.

This thread has morphed into the status of Very Sad. 

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