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2022 SF Braeden Moore -> Rutgers

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On 4/18/2021 at 2:18 PM, Jugular said:

Video kind of reminds me of Ethan Wragge. Not super athletic but has good size and can shoot from deep with a very quick release. 


The ability to shoot from deep is about where the comp ends from my perspective.  

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  • hhcmatt changed the title to 2022 SF Braeden Moore -> Rutgers
34 minutes ago, hhcmatt said:

If he's going to Rutgers I'll pencil him into our 2024-25 roster


At the very least he shouldn't be turned off by Nebraska if/when he decides to transfer.  Anything is better than New Jersey.

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Been Watching re-runs from 'Night Court.'  An alien is brought before the bench & tells Judge Harry Stone he comes from a land of no laws, no regulations & chaos.  "I'm dying here because where I'm from I'm used to breathing ammonia & sulfur."  Bull says: "I've been there; New Jersey!"


Daughter (NYU grad) LHAO - we all did!

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