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I remember they called it a bunch at the start of whatever season it was when they either put the rule in place or maybe just made it a rule of emphasis. The frequency of that call waned as they season when on and it basically back to the level it was before the at. I’ll see it more as the signal for making a no call then actually making it a foul or whatever. 

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4 minutes ago, hhcmatt said:

The first one is a warning.

The second one results in a FT shot.


It tends to be pretty low-key when it happens so it's easy to miss.

Kavas got called for it a few time last year

The ref made a signal like when a QB is grounding the football. I had never seen it called before.

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They call it a delay of game. I'm wondering what it is about flopping that delays the game. If refs don't call a charge and the defender just hits the deck, play just continues. What's the delay?


I hate it because it invites inconsistency in officiating. One time down the floor, Teddy Allen spins toward the defender, defender flops, and Teddy gets whistled for a charge. The other end of the floor, same official, and it's a blocking foul or a flop against us.


Seems like we're never the beneficiary of inconsistent calls.

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