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Nebraska(3-2) vs. Creighton(3-1) Game Thread

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Don't want to hear a thing about Thor or his minutes tonight.  He's been one of our best players so far really...

Thor is about the only guy who doesn't play with emotion out there. He's always steady and always playing within himself. Teddy and Lat have problems with that for sure

Mahoney is getting his degree in theoretical physics, so he experiences no boundaries.

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I think that Thor just showed what makes him the reason he is on the court and what he brings to this team.


Teddy just hit that shot over 24 and their big and he starts jawing, Thor gabs Teddy around the neck/shoulder and pops him in the chest and starts to talk to him and turns him so that Teddy can't see the kid.


Teddy has a bit of street in him and his rep is only going to get around to other teams and refs, so by just getting him out of there and thinking about something else.



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2 minutes ago, LK1 said:

They have better shooters.  We have better athletes.  We'll see how it shakes out, but we are clearly primed to be a better program moving forward regardless.  

I agree with your final statement. We are better going forward. They have better basketball players, shooters included. 

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