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18 hours ago, HuskerBB said:

Personally I hate the all blacks - and that was even before the football debacle today.    But I am old school - you have home uni's , road uni's and none of this alternate BS.

Overall just play hard - a player should not spend 1 second thinking about what their uniform looks like.


Okay Mr. Old School, maybe we should be wearing these. 😉





We don't even incorporate our school colors in any of our uniforms regardless of sport, so there you go.


On a serious note, the main problem I have had with our basketball uniforms over the years is the addition of black or gray to them. It isn't as bad when this is used to frame numbers or letters, but when it is added as a major feature of the uni I typically haven't liked them. I'm in favor of just red and white being used.


As to players wanting to wear something that looks good, I don't have a problem with that. I'm guessing most aren't thinking about the uni's when they are playing in a game.

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