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Last year vs. This year: Pick one each (part 1)

Last year vs. This year: Pick One Each  

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  1. 1. Last year's jucos vs. this year's jucos

    • Jervay Green and Cam Mack, the #3 and #7 2019 juco recruits in the country
    • Teddy Allen and Lat Mayen, the #8 and #18 2020 juco recruits in the country
  2. 2. Last year's sit-out transfers vs. this year's

    • Dachon Burke
    • Dalano Banton, Shamiel Stevenson, Derrick Walker
  3. 3. Last year's immediately-eligible transfers vs. this year's

    • Haanif Cheatham and Matej Kavas
    • Trey McGowens and Kobe Webster

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Jervay and Cam where ranked slightly ahead of Teddy and Lat. (I went off memory for last year's ranking but I double-checked to confirm the rankings for this year's group: https://www.jucorecruiting.com/2020-junior-college-basketball-player-rankings-top-100.). Teddy and Lat both have D1 experience, which Cam and Jervay lacked. In the end, I think Jervay's skills were more reflected by his FT% from juco (bad) than his 3-pt% from juco (good.) And Cam was uber athletic, extremely talented, with major holes in his game and some mommy issues.


I don't think this is even a close call, especially after hearing that Lat shot 86/100 treys in a recent drill. Wowzer.


Dachon isn't just beaten out by shear numbers in the sit-out transfer category. Dachon might be as good or better than Shamiel and Derrick but I would be beyond shocked if he's anywhere near as talented as Dalano.


And the immediately-eligible guys, clearly the nod goes to this year as well. Haanif was a solid teammate and a good player who did a lot of good things. I don't think he's as good as Trey. And even without the injury, I just don't think Matej will end up as good as Kobe. So ...

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8 hours ago, hskr4life said:

Would be interested to hear why someone picked last years Jucos vs this years.

First off, it wasn't me. But one explanation might be that we were pretty excited about last year's guys at this point too. And they were ranked higher. And we haven't seen this year's guys on the court yet. But like I said, that wasn't me.

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