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Huskers to Play in Golden Window Classic **Update**

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Golden Window Classic   How it started   How it's going

no BTN+ or Flosports this year!!! All non con on BTN or ESPNU 

I'm hoping that the Thursday game starts at 1pm or later so my family won't have to eat Thanksgiving without me 🤣

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9 minutes ago, hhcmatt said:


I'd infer that our city's/state's lack of control of Covid is the issue.

It could also be that they would need to state a reason to withdraw so they don't have to pay a penalty or something like that.


It's not like St. Louis/Missouri is doing any better.  But, whatever.  Now they don't have to stoop to playing against the "worst program in the history of college basketball" any more.

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If there’s one trend that’s a little scary at the moment, it’s that I’ve seen a lot more teams pulling out of tournys than scheduling them... so the chances of us losing more teams are much higher than adding a team or two.


Maybe it’s time for AD’s just to start tweeting out open dates like some HS ADs are!  Only half joking.

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33 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

I will say that it’s a big joke that we’re less than a week out and teams can just drop with no penalty.  I could see dropping and staying home because Covid, but not dropping and going to another state.


This. It is a load of crap that teams can bail last minute for another tournament. And if they point to Covid as the reason, the teams that are going to SD don't have a leg to stand on.

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