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Keeping Up with Old Friends (The Transferred Thread)


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21 hours ago, 49r said:

Deverell Biggs is playing with a team of Creighton alums in TBT this year, and he hit the game winner in their opening round game:



Not gonna lie, there's a lot about this that makes me feel uncomfortable.





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11 hours ago, 49r said:


Sorry, I was busy drinking copious alcohol and watching USMNT beat Canada today...care to elaborate?


Saw the game was on ESPN before I went out to mow and so I checked on the end result on twitter.



I guess Omaha had it to where they needed to make one more basket for the ELAM ending and ended the game with 4 straight turnovers including the last one where they lost.


Two notes on the video:

1. The fan at 19 seconds in the plaid shirt is EXCITED!

2. The dramatic ending is matched by the dramatic changes to Conner Frankamp's hairline since I last saw it.

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Thanks 49r!   I was looking for a/the 'Huskers in the Pros' thread but couldn't find it.  Guess it had slipped further down the page than I had looked.  redface.gif
(I'll have to put my July 9th post regarding Glenn Watson there too! )

Search function comes in handy from time to time

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9 hours ago, ConkintheCorner said:

Has Cam Mack found a new school yet or what’s his plan I wonder..??  I swear he tweeted awhile ago that he got an offer from UNO but I can’t find it know..🤔🤔


Pretty sure he is at Prairie View A&M or at least that is last I knew

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