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Keeping Up with Old Friends (The Transferred Thread)

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Growing up 120 miles west of Omaha, I had never even really heard of Creighton until I was 12 years old.   Looking back, those were 12 pretty good years.

Hard to hold a grudge against anyone that's just trying to maximize their exposure during a very narrow window of opportunity.  I personally want the best for any former Husker and the existence of th

Nothing like adults telling kids how to live there dreams. Bad look for our fanbase my guy. 

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5 minutes ago, HuscurAdam said:

Akol staying close to home...should be dominant in the Summit League with his athleticism. 



I'm super happy for him. Power 5 conference bball was a low-probability of success with all the things that needed to happen to retool him into a "3 & D" or "Slasher & D" player he needed to be to be effective at our level. Khyri Thomas was his ceiling as a player - but Khyri had much more ball handling skills and guard background than Akol ever did. 

Summit league ball should allow him to be a bit more of a quasi 3-4 tweener, and his athleticism will be more valuable. He's also going to simply play more and have the ball more - which should help him get in a better groove. I'm super excited for UNO and who they've brought in - they're a fun program to watch and Coach Hansen is one of the best dudes in the business. 

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3 hours ago, 49r said:

Deverell Biggs is playing with a team of Creighton alums in TBT this year, and he hit the game winner in their opening round game:



Not gonna lie, there's a lot about this that makes me feel uncomfortable.


what makes me uncomfortable was trying to guard or even dribble against Dev a few weeks ago in pick up ball. Did not go well for me at all.

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On 7/8/2021 at 8:06 AM, throwback said:

Looks like Cam Mack has signed up for the same Degree NIL campaign that Adrian Martinez is doing - weird coincidence since there's only 12 athletes in total on the campaign.



He's still in the portal. Wonder where he'll end up or if he ends back up at prairie view A&M

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