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Most interesting comment (or maybe non-comment) by Fred to me was when he referenced his second year at ISU. They were picked last and they finished 4th. He just let that comment stand on it's own. Not saying we are going to finish 4th in the B1G, but I think Fred is confident that he has the talent right now to compete in the league.

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28 minutes ago, Norm Peterson said:

Most interesting statistic in Hoiberg's spiel: Lat Mayen going 86 out of 100 on shooting treys in a particular drill they ran and then following it up with 83 out of 100.


Second-most interesting statistic: We were in the bottom 50 teams in NCAA D1 for size last year; this year, we're in the top 50. Let that sink in a bit. From bottom 15% to top 15%. That probably strongly correlates with our bad rebounding a year ago.

Those stats on Lat have been out there for a while now so not to surprising but the height stat is pretty cool for sure

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On 11/19/2020 at 5:51 AM, millerhusker said:

Thanks for this.


I didn’t realize how big of an influence coach Pop was on Fred.  That’s my favorite revelation about his coaching thus far.  


The film looks like a team from a different planet.  The intelligence in spacing and passing is oozing from this roster, not to mention the talent.  I have never seen a team like this at Nebraska.  


It’s going to be a very, very interesting season.  

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