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Britt Prince 2024 ....Keep your eye on this one.


I've seen her play. She's really athletic, and knows how to play.  Pt guard material, or a 3 shooter. Great ball skills, can run the floor, and can shoot anything, step back 3s too. Plays as well as a senior in HS...yet only a freshman, Prince hasn't even played a HS game. Best freshman I've seen for quite a while.

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I watched one of her games recently.  She hit 8 out of 9 three pointers and had a bunch of other points as well.  Taylor McCabe from Fremont is considered by many as the best outside scorer in Nebraska right now but in my mind it won't be too long before Britt Prince has that title.  It would be great to see them play against each other in 4 years when McCabe is a junior at Iowa and Prince is a freshman at Nebraska.

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19 minutes ago, redsteve said:

For those of you that take the OWH there's an article in this mornings paper that includes Prince (freshman) and her Mom.


Interesting read telling about the HS team and how young the team is, and how well they're doing for a new team.


Read it quick then I had to go off line.

I liked the part, stating Britt started very young, by dribbling a ball on the kitchen floor.  Per mom, 'that was OK in our family'.  

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Here is a link to the on-line edition of the Britt Prince article:


And Stay Safe in today's Blizzard, Everyone!  :nod:




And another Part to the Quote:  :wink:


“When you love the game, you want your child to love the game, too,” Ann Prince said. “I’m proud of Britt and proud of everyone on our team.”



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