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Britt Prince


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6 hours ago, All About the Corn said:

I would guess she is taking the time to shrink the list to her top 4-5 schools. I think it is Creighton, and B1G schools. Maybe a couple of schools in red, and one in black.


I'm going to presume B1G teams would be Nebraska, Maryland, and Iowa. Is that correct?



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50 minutes ago, Tom Jones said:

Yeah, but I doubt that Lisa ever learned to share and would not be surprised if she took two.  

Britt wasn't in Iowa City for the game. They have no scholarships available for '24 so Iowa isn't an option for Britt any longer. If Caitlin comes back next season, someone would have to transfer out which I could see happening at the post position.


4 hours ago, All About the Corn said:

I have it on my DVR. Was in northern NE on Saturday and and central NE yesterday. Had time to watch the NE / PSU volleyball match yesterday. Was going to try to watch it tonight. Did hear they had over 55,000. Like Volleyball day in NE. I am sure they had a few recruits.

Yes, they had over 10 recruits/commits at the game.

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45 minutes ago, Tom Jones said:

Clark will be playing her 4th year this season.  I don't think she is eligible for a 5th (Covid) year.  those who were seniors last year are the last class to whom the covid year applies. 

All seniors like Krull and Stewart from NU and Clark from Iowa are eligible for a covid year next year.  Hope ours take it and theirs doesn't.

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1 hour ago, Cazzie22 said:

Clark makes more money at Iowa than she would in the WNBA.  I think she will play her 5th year.  She went to Iowa because she wanted to improve Iowa basketball.  


She's already said NIL won't factor into her decision, those deals will go with her to the WNBA... State Farm, Hy-Vee, Nike, HR Block, Topps, Bose, etc. 


Caitlin said she'll consider the draft order, but will go with her gut. If she comes out this year she'll either go to Indiana, Phoenix, Los Angeles, or Seattle (draft order TBD.) If she waits until '25 she'll likely be headed to the new Golden State (San Francisco) expansion team. I think she comes out after this season, especially if Indy or Phoenix gets the top pick - Indy is setup to break through with their young talent and in Phoenix she'd yet a year with Diana Taurasi.



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On 11/3/2023 at 7:42 PM, Huskerpapa said:

She was with her fam in Lincoln today. 


Of course, she was joined by 100's other friends and classmates enjoying her school at the Nebraska State Volleyball championships.

Hmm.  I wonder if she watched volleyball, then committed, or vice-versa.

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