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No doubt the offers are just beginning for Britt Prince, but the final chapter in her recruiting (class of 2024) is still a long way from being written.  She should have her pick of where she wants to continue her education and play basketball.  


Bottom line is, I think we are good enough to attract talented players, particularly in-state (perhaps unlike Taylor McCabe when we didn't know what kind of team we were going to have last season and she committed to Iowa).  Well, I think the Huskers demonstrated their characteristic "Grit, NO Quit" last season under Coach Williams, et al; and I think we'll be even more pleased this season.  She seems to be very good at developing each players' maximum potential and instilling 'A Will to Win'.


Things are looking up for Husker Athletics.  I'm particularly impressed with our new AD, Trev Alberts, and believe we are on the cusp of some very good things, including WBB.

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now........this would be a shock if she took this offer. however, i look at it like this another offer from 

DI school yeah, pretty darn cool.


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She looked better in club play (video) than when I watched her in recent Nebraska girls state tourney play. Seems like she was let loose and just play on the club level.


She can dribble and shoot with both hands easily, although it appears she might be right handed naturally....she may be ambidextrous...or simply skilled with either hand. 


Buebeckers ? ...not yet ...but like said earlier...she's still young. ....Would love to see her in NU red and white.

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