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6 hours ago, hhcmatt said:



I like how he uses his big, big body around players much smaller.. He doesn't push guys around and get stupid fouls or get in spots where he gets something called on him just because he has the  biggest body out there.. Fairly smooth for a kid that big and that young.. One to keep an eye on I think.

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16 hours ago, jimmykc said:

Sort of a "Big Country" type. Now, he just needs to flatten off the haircut.


He has soft hands like Bryant Reeves. But Reeves never had moves like this kid. This kid is unbelievable. High-level skill and great hands in a big body.


I so want this kid to be a Husker. So want.

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On 7/19/2020 at 9:40 AM, hhcmatt said:



Bow and arrow sighting at 0:57 and 1:19. He obviously picked that up from Cam Mack last year, meaning he's a Husker fan. Better add him to the scholarship matrix now, it's only a matter of time.

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Who'd have thought there'd be 2 in the same video, got too excited.
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41 minutes ago, 49r said:

ayyy, we're up to two uniform changes now:



Not truly elite yet...the elites have 'em wear three uniforms, but we're getting there!


#RollCorn #GetEmFrings  🙏💯

Omaha wore two uniforms as well, I’m pretty sure. 

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