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Handy Johnson

Favorite Kobe King moment...

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12 hours ago, Dead Dog Alley said:

Derrick Helms was a better player, though.


2 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

NO slight at all loved his game, even at Burke...!


Especially his use of the glass.  Don't see that much anymore.  What is Milton up to these days?  Last I saw him was when we were both at UNO.  

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1 hour ago, Handy Johnson said:

Helms could Dunk @ 5’7” I made a special trip over to the Bob when they played at State...!


What were the odds that a thread on a guy who decided to not come to Nebraska would end up discussing a 5'7" PG from Omaha Burke who graduated 35 years ago?  I dare say, the odds were nearly 0, but, here we are.

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