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2022 F Isaac Traudt - Virginia

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We really need to land this kid. Apparently a legit 6’9” now and might not be done. Close to 40% on threes as a soph and good ball handling skills. They were saying today his family and friends are all NU fans so hopefully that helps our cause. Washut thinks he will easily be a top 100 kid and a good chance of being much higher.

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On 7/27/2020 at 10:08 AM, NebrasketballJake said:


Per Mike Sautter, Traudt grew up an Oklahoma fan. So probably Blake Griffin




Interesting... I wonder if OU's coach formerly being at K-St. in the late 80s would happen to have a heartland hoops connection. Or it could be a player he wanted to pattern his game after, too.



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