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Is today D-Day for Husker Hoops?

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On 6/13/2020 at 1:52 PM, busticket said:

 I know it is bad form to quote yourself, but since I am dying for anything sports related I had to check my memory on Dantley.  He was only 6’5”, shot 17% from 3 for his career and yet led the NBA in scoring twice and averaged 24 ppg for his career.  

Note that he only took 41 3-pointers in his entire career haha... 7-41. An average of one 3-point attempt every 23 games. Looks like the 3-point line existed for about 3/4 of his career.

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15 hours ago, Swan88 said:

What I remember of Banton from the pre-season scrimmage last year is this: he had a bunch of rebounds and put-backs.  It seems that he had a knack for being in the right place to rebound.  


I like these type of reports.   


For me Banton is probably going to be like Roby,   I mean this in the sense that his length will create matchup problems the minute he steps out on the court as a guard.   Roby got drafted but James Palmer was the big scorer.   I think Allen and Banton might prove to be the same type of combination?  All a guess of course. 


Stevenson is also intriguing too me.  Can't wait too see him  and all the transfers&newcomers in action. 

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