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Dylan Talley Needs Assistance

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This is amazing. I'm so humbled to witness the kindness of strangers and humanity when I see things like this. The testimony of that coach on the GoFundMe page is just so moving. Glad hes getting some support, because that... that is a horrific string of bad luck in his life. Makes one wonder why the worst sh** has to happen to the best people amongst humanity? The age old pondering. 


Edit: updated total so far, 27k out of 30. I'm sure 30 is just a number they thought would help, so glad to see the love flowing in. Hope someone can do more than money for him too with all this crap that's hit him. The personalization of what 2020 has done to the human race, lol

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Here's an update from the other day:


MAY 23, 2020
Dylan and I want to thank everyone! During this pandemic, we know it is a difficult time for everyone but yet to see the amount of generosity has been unbelievable. Again, we are so appreciative. We are in the process of using some of the money for the funeral on Tuesday. After that, we will be addressing other expenses. Thanks again to all who donated!

Marc Hsu
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