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When basketball season rolls around and assuming they'll play the games and allow fans in to watch ...  

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  1. 1. When basketball season rolls around and assuming they'll play the games and allow fans in to watch ...

    • I'm giving up my tickets. Might get them again in a year or so. But not dying to watch games live.
    • I'll keep my tickets as a placeholder so I don't lose the seats, but I'm not gonna go to any games in person.
    • I might go to a few of the bigger games but I'm not going to risk it for some directional state game.
    • I'm going, but I'll wear a mask and might move to a less dense area of the arena if there's a lot of people around.
    • Ah, what the hell. YOLO. I'm going and I'll high-five the people next to me like I always have.

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On 7/6/2020 at 10:18 AM, hhcmatt said:

It's starting to become apparent that in terms of gathering that your risk for spreading Covid is greater inside than outside, which makes sense.

Assuming a season happens, I think we'll find that Nebraska either limits or doesn't sell any tickets because selling them as usual is inviting people to congregate in an enclosed area which increases the potential for an outbreak.  Football with its outdoor seating seems like more of a possibility in terms of fan attendance in some form.

Yeah, and even with outdoor I think it's becoming obvious that if we arent on a grand death pact, all sports in this cursed nation are likely going to either be cancelled (not likely here) or follow some European models like in Germany where there are no fans in stands, and more creative solutions for fan representation are explored. I dont mind empty stands if they can pump noise in and TV is still not a horrible experience; big soccer fan and it has worked out just fine (even if a bit depressing); I'm just curious if it's possible in football. Its definitely possible in basketball if soccer did it, and being inside I'm almost 100% sure fans isnt happening, that's just not safe esp with new news on how its aerosolized now  

Have to be smart and I do trust our university, they're wise in most of these public health decisions

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I also think that the difficulty presented in basketball in keeping it safe indoors, and testing teams every day to keep teams from spreading it is critical. Have no doubt it could work but you have to be very disciplined, which I have little faith in America in that regard, lol. Unfortunate and I'll believe until we prove it's not possible... but you have to be tedious in your attention to detail and sterile environments, etc

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Huskerpapa: I remember our party line call was three rings, but nobody cared since everyone knew that everyone else on the line picked up any ring. You could tell how dull your conversation was by the number of quiet "clicks" you heard as people gradually hung up. That included the operator who listened in to everyone in town when she was bored.

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23 hours ago, Huskerpapa said:

Shoot you haven't lived if you haven't experienced a party line.  Watch a few episodes of The Andy Griffith show if you don't know what a party line is.  My mom could keep track of me...without a GPS.

My Great Grandma was on one out in Prosser...

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On 7/6/2020 at 12:06 PM, TheGov21 said:

Honest question, if they don't have fans in games, do they still play at the Arena? Doesn't make much sense to me.


They will still need the media setup for print media and camera setup for television.   So I think they pretty much need to be in the Arena.    By basketball time I am hopeful there may be fan attendance on a limited basis.  I doubt it they can be a full capacity - but hoping maybe they use some sort of priority system to have limited attendance.   I think the switch to mobile only tickets may be a first step in implementing such a plan if necessary.     Saw something earlier about actually moving volleyball games to PBA so they could get more fans into the games only using some of the seats than would be possible at Devaney.


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16 hours ago, jimmykc said:

Just heard the Ivy League cancelled all sports until January. Wonder how many other leagues will follow and how this will effect the NCAA basketball field picks since the Ivy League actually wins games occasionally there.


As it relates to the Ivy league and football, they only have one or two non conference games (always against FCS) and then don't participate in playoffs. Because of all that they are unique to themselves. I don't think other conferences are going to follow suite. They'll likely play a conference only season and try and get it in during the fall. It may be extended extra weeks but they'll try and get it in

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