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2020 C Eduardo Andre - Signed

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Would love to see some video him playing in a game and not highlights.

Looks like he can be a rim protector and is comfortable driving from outside of the lane.  He's not going to get a ball past a guard but if he's playing 5 out he can probably drive a ball past a post player.  Not sure if there is an outside shot because all I saw was dunks



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Seems like you take a chance on a guy with great athletic skills, the size but who is still new to basketball. Only 15 but took extra year with prep school.

My guess is we wanted to add another rim protector. Still a bit light at 220 pounds but seems to be able to run the court and guy who can help off the bench and hopefully be patient and can learn.

I assume you pair him with Yvan or Walker and let him play more of a “4” so he doesn’t get pushed around by true “5”’s

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He was previously in the Rivals 150 but dropped out since he wasnt eligible to play at the beginning of the season due to his transfer so he didn’t get evaluated in person and dropped out. It still shows he was good enough after seeing him in one tournament though to get him on the bubble. 

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10 minutes ago, KarlHessEatMy.... said:

You may call him a seat filler but picking us over Illinois, Maryland and Texas A&M must mean other coaches in the power 5 were thinking about him.


Yes and no. He's certainly a gamble because who knows how he will develop but he's very much the right gamble for a team like us who is in short supply of rim protectors. Like most last minute guys his potential to flame out is higher than most but maybe this guy will be special.

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He's like an in-shape Jordy, and that's a good thing.


He looks limited offensively, but he already looks fantastic in terms of his ability to help on pick and roll, and he handles the ball pretty well.  


He can really, really run at 220lbs.  I'm guessing he can remain comfortable at 235-240lbs.  


I'm not sure if he can help us next year, and I don't see him playing the 4, but his speed and skill in transition is an element we don't currently have at the 5.  


I like it.  

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Cool!  Welcome Eduardo! 


As pointed out we didn't see any outside shots but based off of the single freethrow he looked to be comfortable shooting.  Bounce the ball 2 times, set and then release shot with smooth, relaxed form.   I will look for some stats to see what we have there.   


Here's another article or two..




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Here's a 247 scouting blurb


and LJS



Guys who played soccer as youths usually are comfortable in running the floor.   Lot of running in soccer. 

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