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What do you say we reach out to Joe Pridgen?

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34 minutes ago, atskooc said:

58% FT shooter? 

I’d rather we not get any more of those guys. 


Ha, I guess not everyone can shoot 75% plus.  He did shoot almost 43% from three and a whopping 56% from the field.  He's a good shooter so a year off likely fixes or improves the FT%.  I'm sure we are placing feelers.

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15 hours ago, Vinny said:

I agree, but he shot 43% from three. How do you have that sort of discrepancy? Has to be in his head.

When I saw this I immediately thought it was due to lack of FT attempts.   After researching though I found out I was wrong.  It's due to lower 3pt attempts.  He only took 28 treys.

I imagine if he took more 3attempts than the numbers would even out. (ie go down)

1057 208 373 93 160 12 28 521 52 152 204 66 106 28 15


After watching video and seeing the Turnover to assist rate and the FT%  I think there are other players that are a better fit. 

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He looks like one of those guys that would drive me crazy as a fan.  Drilling threes and then bricking two free throws to lose a tight game.  We had more than our share of that last year.  I would say no if this is normal for him.  I guess it could have been an off year for him as we have a small sample set to base this off of.

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I'd pass on him, too.  He attempted only 0.9 shots from three per game, and 5.3 free throws per game.  That tells me that the high 3pt% is likely a small sample size bias, and the FT% is the true indicator of what quality of shooter he is.  Not worth the roster spot IMO.

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