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Drop your favorite Husker Highlight

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Congrats in advance, jones. That's such good news in times like these. Fatherhood is an awesome responsibility and great fun, too.



And the following feels like it could be a cop-out, but it really is how I feel (at the moment) -- and maybe it's repressing memories of a 7-25 season, too:


From this past season, one of my favorite moments was the Sept. 28, 2019, Opening Night event because I took my middle school-aged son, and a lot of optimism reigned with Hoiberg at the helm. I'll say that was my favorite moment, at first glance. I have a lot of faith in Freddy as far as how this get turned around, hopefully it happens quickly. GBR!

Image result for nebraska basketball opening night 2019


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I watch this one probably once a year. This was arguably KU’s most talented team ever. We had a fun team that year. Muhleisen was a 6’4” freshman point guard who Big 12 coaches respected the heck out of. Cochran was shooting from the logo long before Steph Curry was. Conklin was one of the original 6’11” stretch fours. When’s the last time we had a big man with the body control to be able to complete a reverse putback dunk like Turek did at 2:25? 

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