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He's pretty normal looking, I don't know how he fits in at Iowa.

He's - a human male - D-1 basketball transfer   Odds are highly likely

If he'd just been funnier looking, let's say having an extra ear or having an arm growing out of the top of his head, he wouldn't have been such a misfit for the Iowa roster.  

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59 minutes ago, TheKamdyMan said:

 I think you’re confusing him with Whitt. Sanogo has not stated one way or the other and most expect him to move up to 2020. 


I think you are correct!!!!    :thumbsup:   I must have been thinking of Whitt who decided to stay in school.  :Redface:    As far as I know there are three recruits Huskers have offered from Patrick School, a well-regarded HS in NY.  I believe all three are in the 2021 class:  No. 1 national 2021 recruit Jonathan Kuminga; (2021) Adama Sanogo, and (2021) Zarique Nutter. (There have been reports that it is likely any of the three, or all three may reclassify to the 2020 class.  I'm so confused!   :Lol:

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From OWH / Hoiberg on Sports Nightly:



Nebraska is currently putting together its 2020-2021 roster. NU has two open scholarship spots, and Hoiberg hinted there could be good news with those spots in the coming weeks. 


"I'm very excited with what could potentially happen here in a couple weeks with some of the signings that we could potentially add to this team that I think will give us more size, more physicality," Hoiberg said. "There's definitely brighter days ahead." 



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2 hours ago, throwback said:


That means he has a silent commit or two, imo.  Fred is the last coach to spout something off like that.  Great news.  

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23 minutes ago, Navin R. Johnson said:

𝓪𝓽𝓽 𝓓𝓮𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓼

Can confirm, via multiple sources, that Creighton point guard Davion Mintz will exercise his option to become a grad transfer and play his final season of college basketball elsewhere.

Bluebirds have been expecting this since about midseason, i believe. They return everyone and add in that Memphis transfer. Makes sense on both ends.

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