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Is it possible to be 5 minutes late to the transfer portal?

I gotta be honest. There are a lot of people out there to worry about and care about and hope they're doing well and worry for if they're not. I don't wish for anything bad for Cam, but I'm not going

I was. McCray’s on-court demeanor and toughness was light years ahead of Cam’s. 

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Just now, Minnesota_Husker said:

Is this one of those "testing the waters" where he can come back or is he gone/gone?


I assume he is pretty much gone but just not sure if he tested out poorly could he come back a year?


No idea of his intent but right now it's possible for him to come back

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11 minutes ago, huskerbaseball13 said:

Hypothetically couldn’t it be Whitt?


Is us needing a PG enough to get him to skip AAU ball this summer and reclassify.  We got a visit so that means something but realistically where are we in his pecking order now and where are we in 2-4 months from now?

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51 minutes ago, huskerbaseball13 said:

If this were true, wouldn’t he hire an agent? Or are you thinking he will transfer?

Find it hard to believe he will be back one way or another.  He pretty much has screwed himself with his off court issues.  I also find it hard to believe he would xfer since he would have to go to lower level.  Just strange

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