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Everything about that day was amazing. The result, the atmosphere, the weather, the women winning the Big 10, Peltz proposing on senior day, KP saying let’s twerk. I’m sure at some point this offseason we’ll compare the 2nd season of the Miles era vs the 2nd season of Hoiberg era. It’ll be hard to top that day, but I hope Fred and company can try soon!

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21 minutes ago, Faux Mike Peltz said:

Best sporting event I’ve ever been to, even better than any NU football home game.


I agree (with the possible exception or at least a close 2nd - being in KC when we won the BIg 8 tournament there when Eric P. and Bruce C. were seniors).


What made that Wisconsin game so special was not just that it was possibly the most "hyped" game in NU history in terms of pregame excitement and emotion - but also that the game lived up to the hype - both teams played at a very high level and game was very exciting - and would have been even without all the "no-sit" hype.


Frankly I think it is a little optimistic to expect Hoiberg to recreate that experience.   We certainly might get to that level - hopefully on a consistent basis.  But having everything fall together at one time and for one game they way it did then is probably unlikely.


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1 hour ago, colhusker said:

Was at this one, but boy that 1978 OU football game was unreal.


Yeah was at both but I will have to say that when TP hit that 3 on the break it has to be the loudest thing I have ever heard and most likely never hear again.


The 78 game was like two weeks after my senior season of football.  A friend got us tickets in the student section.  When the game was over the students rushed the field so fast my feet only hit like ever 6th row of seats as we were rushed down.

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part of it was that season was turning out to be really special. we had no idea going in what we had on our hands with that team and to make that run to the tourney for the first time in so many years, and by this game it was pretty obvious we were going in, a good season in spite of being mismatched against an under-seeded Baylor team. 


last really fun year of NU hoops. and Miles was looking like a miracle worker. what an  promising beginning to that story, eh?

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I'm not joking when I say that I've probably watched that video over 30 times. It was on me and my twin brother's birthday our Sophomore year of college. My freshman year was the last season at the Bob (Tim's first). All we wanted for our birthday was for Nebrasketball to win and punch our ticket to the Big Dance.

I went to UNL and he another school, I saved him a spot and he snuck into the student section (2nd row). To reiterate, when TP hit that 3 was the loudest thing I've ever heard at a sporting event. Loudest Husker Power I've ever heard and overall best sporting event I've been to or probably ever will be.

I lost my voice from screaming so much and was absolutely losing my mind the whole game (was completely sober). I remember climbing on top of the seats several times during timeouts after big plays and throwing my arms in the air while DMX blasted.

We stormed the court at the end, which may be the last time I have at a Nebrasketball game (~5 times total). I remember going to the bracket announcement watch party and celebrating when our name was called.

Our NCAA tourney game against Baylor in San Antonio was over UNL's Spring Break and a group of about 13 of us road tripped down for the game. We were so certain we were destined to win our first one, instead we watched a snoozer and saw Tim ejected and then had to watch Creighton win afterwards as they played next (session tickets were 2 games).

If we would've won, we would've stayed and watched us play Creighton for a chance to go to the Sweet 16.

What a wild and fun ride that season was, I'd give anything to have my heart broken like that again.

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Greatest sporting event I've ever been to.  Still hard to believe that we got everyone to stand for the entire game.  My knees were killing me but well worth it.  It was so loud in there, you couldn't hear the ref's whistle so never could figure out why play stopped sometimes.  I have total confidence Fred will bring many days like this to us in the near future.

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