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OT: Video from Kansas HS Basketball game

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7 hours ago, Bugeaters1 said:

Yep and he doesn't understand why he got T'd up.



Yep... from the video in the news article, I think that was the right call.  Especially if there were already instances of things happening before this.  Also he came very close to approaching and making contact with the official which would not have been good.  It's sad, but there is a reason that there is a lack of officials for high school athletics around the nation.  It isn't because people don't want to be officials either.  If you want better quality officiating in HS sports, you are going to need more quantity.  Competition for jobs.  Right now, you have schools struggling just to find a 3 man crew for a game because they don't have enough.  


I don't think officials should be above "boo-ing" or anything like that from fans.  However, when you have fans entering the court-- that's a problem.  As a HS coach, I understand getting a T.  It happens.  However, when your players are acting like they did and they don't see anything wrong with that-- that's a problem.  

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