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Nebraska (13-3) vs. Maryland (12-4) Game Thread

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What i think a lot of you guys are forgetting is that we have not had the same talent level the last few years that we had in the 2009-14 era.  The super great teams have a potential wnba kid, and oth

My guess is some fan's expectations in the 4th year are to have the program at a place where there is more than a "possibility of dancing".   We were a program that was solidly in the tournament almos

It has been discussed here on this board about Brown either starting or seeing more court time. IMHO she needs to be around 30-32 minutes a game. We need her on the floor. Our threes kept it from gett

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33 minutes ago, Cazzie22 said:

If we want to compete for a B1G Title, we need athletes to compete with Maryland.  We cannot even get a shot off against their pressure.


30 minutes ago, twister31 said:

Soooooooooooooooooooo outclassed athletically. 


Outclassed is Right.  We need to recruit more Athleticism!

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1 minute ago, Red Don said:



Outclassed is Right.  We need to recruit more Athleticism!

We need a strong point guard that can settle the rest of the team down and handle the ball.  When the game was on the line and Moore or Theriot had the ball, I had no doubt we would score on  that possession.  No doubt at all.  We don’t have a person like that and we haven’t had one since Theriot.

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