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Nebraska (7-8) (2-2) vs. Northwestern (5-9) (0-4) Game Thread

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That was a perfectly legitimate defensive move in Lacrosse.

That's pretty much why I picked us to lose. I walked out of the arena thinking we'd lose by 20 to whomever we played next though when I found out it was Northwestern I couldn't pick us to lose by that

Best defensive possession by Kavas ever, although the bar is admittedly low. 

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Good effort.  Put ourselves in position to win on the road in the last minute.  We really needed more help from the upperclassmen tonight.  Thor and Cheatham were nonexistent.  Kavas and Cross were bright spots, but we need upperclassmen to step it up and give Mack something to work with.


And good grief, shoot the ball when you’re open.  So much hesitation on offense tonight.  

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1 minute ago, hal9000 said:

I think that's right.  He made Burke sort of double pump his shot, so didn't have enough "umph" on the release.

Did you see the different angle. There was a camera angle from the baseline that showed he didn't double pump that was him getting hit on the shooting elbow.

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