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Filling out the class for 2020-21

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** Two open scholarships **



Cam Mack - JR

Dalano Banton - SO (Conceivably could slot as a SF defensively)



Dachon Burke - SR (SG/ SF)

Jervay Green - SR (SG/ SF)

Thorir Thorbjarnarson - SR (SG/ SF)

Akol Arop - SO (SG/ SF)

Donovan Williams - FR (SG/ SF)



Shamiel Stephenson  - JR (PF / Small Ball 5)

Kevin Cross - SO (PF / Small ball 5)

Derrick Walker - JR (center only, cant' shoot 3s)

Yvan Ouedraogo - SO  (center only, cant' shoot 3s)


The latest from Hoiberg has been 'we're looking for the best available. TBH that probably works because maybe our most pressing need is other Guard/Wing since we will graduate a lot of firepower (we have secured Tominaga for 2021-22). Also wouldn't be a bad idea to develop another PG or PF/C. Do we have enough talent to compete? If so transfers might be the answer because we're looking at 10-11 guys.


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I'd go find best available sit transfer (PG preferably) and probably another wing? 


As far as competing, it depends how these guys develop throughout the year. I like the 4 headed rotation at the 4/5. Burke/Green will both get more comfortable as the year goes on. Mack will also. Donovan can come off the bench and be a scorer. There's pieces. I'm optimistic on next year. Mainly because we will have 4 guys who can compete with big ten bigs. 

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Just now, hhcmatt said:

In theory Green or Burke could function as PGs but I don't think the results would be that great.

Green has been the PG half the time when Cam isn't in so he has experience. But it probably won't end that great. Not as much ball movement

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