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according to Massey Ratings, huskers sitting at 39. i believe realtimerpi has them at 130? but, they still show usc as a loss. so much for that sight.    looking at it this way, kinda glad 1

It should also get a couple players healed up as well. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk

Watching the Rutgers vs. Wisconsin game. And man Rutgers ugly s up games. They have to be my second least favorite team in the B1G.

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21 hours ago, Cazzie22 said:

Maryland is boat racing Iowa tonight.  Coaches in this league have got to recruit top players if they don’t want to concede the league title to the Terps.  Iowa looks like they don’t belong in the same gym.


and iowa was fortunate when they played maryland at C-H. maryland shot horrendous that night. 

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ran a number of scenarios on that site. while the 1-9 seeds are more volatile than nebraska's 10 seed, i did find one thing to keep an eye on.  that is nebraska could drop to the 11 seed (and play the first day). huskers need to finish above minnesota to keep that 10 seed. i didn't see where nebraska can move up from that 10 spot because of the tie-breakers that hang over the huskers. minny is @indiana, @iowa, and home against maryland. tough finish for them. 

also, looks like wisconsin, illinois and penn st are a lock to play the first day. 

so, work to be done if they want to hang on to that 10 seed.

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