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Nebraska (4-4) vs. Creighton (6-1) Game Thread

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47 minutes ago, Bugeaters1 said:


They’ve won 8 out of 9, have been way more successful overall, feel superior in every way, yet somehow every year convince themselves that they are disrespected and come out with a chip on your shoulder.


Say what you want about the whole douche bag culture that surrounds and is Creighton basketball, but they somehow get that strategy to work.

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2 hours ago, LK1 said:

Creighton is a good team—middle of the pack B1G caliber.  I think this is what we’re in for on the road in conference all year.  Gotta learn to defend home court this season because we are going to get boat raced on the road a lot.


Also, we’re very, very young and our best players are arguably sitting out absorbing this asswhooping.  Lastly, I highly doubt this staff will have difficulty recruiting from this season on.  

Not given up on the staff, this team is a product of the situation and circumstances.  But we have guys that are a step slow for this level of basketball right now.

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6 hours ago, The Polish Rifle said:

Look I hate Creighton as much as the next guy, but they beat Texas Tech and played Michigan tough - it's not far fetched to say they'll be dancing. 

Ken pom has them 56th.  They had Georgia Tech 69th.  They would be 10th in the Big 10 according to Ken pom.  Texas Tech is not close to last year's team. 

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