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Nebraska (4-3) vs. Georgia Tech (3-2) Game Thread

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Just now, thrasher31 said:

To answer everyone's question on Curtis, I know he's had his hand wrapped in the past. So maybe that could be why? 


Sadly have been watching him the whole 2nd half and he hasn't stood up and cheered or anything outside of standing for TO's.  He's also been shooting over 40% from deep with that hand wrapped which is better than.... our whole team.

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I love the Huskers win or lose (and this year will be mainly losses). In my estimation the season was lost when Stevenson was not eligible. With him this team would likely be in most games. As it stands I doubt they win more than two conference games, and possibly zero. This season reminds me of Bill McCartney's first year with Colorado. He loudly declared he was going to commit to option football, and even though he didn't have the right personnel he showed the football world he was serious by running option football. The recruits enamored by option football came and he made history.... Hoiberg needs another year, and hopefully they will upgrade to a full, balanced roster of his type of players. I think two players on the eleven deep roster will leave, thereby freeing two scholarships. Two of which need to go to Big Ten caliber rebounders. Then they can get the ball to Teddy Allen and watch the victories pile up. As for this year, keep a sense of humor....

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