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uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 6 - George Mason

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15 hours ago, The Bouncer said:

Did Kavas get jumped by the Monstars on his way to Lincoln? His 3 pt shooting is down 15% from the last 2 years. If he gets on track and can hit those open looks our offense can open back up in a hurry. I'm not banking on that right now, but tomorrow I'm seeing shades of that Honolulu tournament during Doc's first year where NU went W-L-W, Doc got tossed in the second game vs Hawaii, and NU came back to win on the tourney's last day. Get the W tomorrow and NU did what it needed to do in the Caymans.

For whatever reason everyone's 3 point percentage drops when they come up Lincoln.


But it's worth pointing out in his case that the 3 point line moved back this year

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1 hour ago, khoock said:

Kind of astounding how poor of a shooting team we are considering expectations.


- Matej Kavas was suppose to be an elite shooter

- Jervay Green and Haanif Cheatham were suppose to be good shooters

- Dachon Burke, Kevin Cross, and Samari Curtis were all suppose to be adequate 


On paper, thats a good shooting team. For whatever reason we havent met those expectations. As for free throw shooting, I have no comments.


We only have D-1 numbers on some of these guys.

Cheatham has been more of a slasher than shooter and that's what we're seeing here.

Kavas seems like he's struggling and at some point they'll start dropping.  

Burke isn't finishing at the rim as well as he should otherwise that's about right for him.


Guys will go up and down. Cross was sitting at maybe 11% from 3 after the first two games and now he's at 38%

Was hoping Green and Mack would have better numbers given they will dominate the shots this year.


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I looks bad now but I think we will play out to be a decent three point shooting team over time. Kavas and Green I think are good shooters who need to get comfortable here in this offense. Cross and Curtis (who I think is our best 3pt shooter) will develop into plus shooters from 3 and Cam will probably always be a streaky low 30% guy. Burke / HC look to be decent mid 30s shooters as well. So not great but better than we are used to for sure 


now the free throws baffle me and have no clue how we are that bad

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