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uneblinstu’s postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 4 - vs. Southern

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I'll take the W. Couple of thoughts: Ouedrago's defense and physical presence was huge in OT. For everything Cross gives us on offense, he gave it up on defense tonight.  We've got to be

That first game broke me. I am celebrating like we won a Gavitt game tonight.

Hoh boy is this team fun. Lotta fight in them and the tend to play down to opponents. Maybe we're just this bad! Who knows. What is certain is that they're giving us entertainment value to make up for being bad this year. Probably a lot of B1G losses in our future this spring but I'm sticking with them every game I'm going to, and I'm excited to watch these guys get better under hoiberg. Damn this is a crazy life we live as nebrasketball fans. Not putting an expiry date or "get gud" by date on the Hoiskers. I'm in for the long haul! Boy the college kids sure do like to scare us and play like crap sometimes but that's one reason we watch for this kind of craziness. #novembermadness 

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Anyone down for a Monday night, Cayman Classic drinking game???


Anytime we go 0fer from the free throw line you take a shot.  The bonus, blackout drunk shot happens on an 0-3 and you have to finish the bottle!


So, who wants to spend Monday night in the hospital with me and have a scheduled sick day from work on Tuesday and likely Wednesday?


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I'll take the W. Couple of thoughts:

  • Ouedrago's defense and physical presence was huge in OT. For everything Cross gives us on offense, he gave it up on defense tonight. 
  • We've got to be better on-ball defenders. Cam was pretty porous tonight. Burke would play a few seconds of tough D, but he'd break down if he had to move too much.  They killed us with dribble penetration and second chance points. 
  • Jervay has grown a bunch since game 1. He stepped up and played solid D on Bradford at the end of the game. His confidence is growing. 
  • Defense is, in large part, mentality. Many of our guys lack that toughness and persistence on D, and obviously, on hitting the glass. Hoping that Doc can get a bit of that ingrained as the season progresses.  Ouedrago, I think, possesses that mindset.
  • It was tough to see the beef sitting on the bench that won't be able to help us this year. Walker and Stevenson are big guys, and Banton is at least as tall as Walker and very long. I'm torn as to whether I want Stevenson for two full years, but just looking at him, he would help us immensely. 
  • Hoiberg is one composed dude. He is intense but never loses his cool. Glad we pulled this one out. 
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Just drop any expectations you have for this team and enjoy the ride. Half the time it makes you shake your head, but half the time its freaking fun to watch. Also while they aren't gonna win too many games, you can tell they love to play together and I think they are starting to gel and get some confidence. 

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49 minutes ago, NebrasketballJake said:

This crossover might be filthiest thing I’ve seen on a basketball court


Didn't know if I'd be able to fill in the "celebrates for 5 seconds during a possession" on my Cam Mack Bingo card.

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We are so good in transition off of defensive rebounds that I still want to see Cross and Yvan in at the same time.  Rebounding and the inability to alter shots defensively is almost as terrifying as our free throws.  


Starting to figure it out offensively though.  But transition is our only prayer.  Need two bigs.  

Samari and Thor both gave good minutes.  

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- We sure do celebrate a lot after a make (Mack especially) and then give up layup after layup on the other end.
- We seem slow laterally for all the increased athleticism we seem to have.
- I've been surprised at Burke's minutes overall.
- Free throw shooting ... ugh!
- If we get out rebounded like this by these teams I can't even fathom how bad this will be come conference time.
- I've been more impressed with the offensive skills of Ouegraogo and Kevin Cross, but man Cross is like a black hole ... toss the ball to him and it's not coming back likely. (I kind of expected they each would be more limited ability-wise)
- Defense is NOT up to par.

Nice to get a win! It will be interesting to see this team grow and change and see who's asked to stick around.

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A very fun game to attend! Wish we could’ve held on to the lead and extended it, but we found a way to win and right now, that’s progress. 
cam can take over games like I haven’t seen in a long time. His handles and ability to get to the rim are top notch. He had a pass to Cross that was unbelievable.

Kavas and Thor hitting threes is a nice addition.

seriously, our free throw shooting is mental and it’s bad. We need to fix that fast.

Jervay showed some flashes as well.

Excited about the future!

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