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2020-21 Husker opponents

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Should've known better, but I was kind of expecting some sort of pod scheduling or more dates in the late Dec/early Jan time frame and fewer games the final few weeks to try to give time for rescheduling if pauses are needed. Something complicated that could explain why this took so long.


However, it looks like a pretty typical schedule to me, other than we only have one game the final week instead of the typical two.


Have absolutely no idea why it took this long to put out this schedule. 


Ultimately, just happy to have a schedule, because the longer this took, the more I was afraid the B1G would try to follow the lead of the Ivy League again.


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What's it going to take to make this happen? $100K?

"Secured" a commitment.  

*Pending Big 10 approval that they’ll let Nebraska athletics perform in a sporting event.

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9 minutes ago, throwback said:

Yikes, hope we're not playing at 8 pm Wednesday and at 1 pm Thursday. That'd be a pretty brutal turnaround.


Might have to sit our catcher and right-fielder for the day game after the night game.


Yep— which makes me think 11 AM


BTW— all games on Flo Sports.  Robin did post that McNeese and St Louis may  be on Big 10 network

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With the way the MTE schedule worked out, it would make some sense to try to move McNeese to somewhere in between S Dakota & Georgia Tech, if possible, rather than cram 3 games into 4 days out of the gate. Maybe they're trying to move that game, and that's part of the delay.


Also stinks that we have to play the bluebirds in an empty PBA - wonder if part of the delay in releasing all the non-con games is in part because we're trying to negotiate so that the game with them is in Lincoln again next year. 


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30 minutes ago, Vinny said:

McNeese State no longer listed as the first game on Huskers.com. Wonder if 8:00pm was the only time it could be played so they had to cancel with an 11:00am tip the next morning?


They also don't have South Dakota listed even though the Coyotes have our game listed. Another possibility is they want to release the rest at once.

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