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Tim Miles has a new gig!


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17 hours ago, Nighthawk said:

Any chance he could do a Nebraska game?


I was wondering this as well.  Fox owns BTN, so there is opportunity there.  However, I don't think that Fox would do that considering he is less than a year out from getting the boot.  Love the guy, would love having him do one of our games, I just don't think Fox would go there.

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2 minutes ago, 49r said:

My bet is you'll need to watch a bunch of Big East games if you want to see Tim.  The first game he'll be doing will be Jacksonville vs Xavier on Tuesday.


lol..would love to see him do one with Creighton if that's the case.  He could get in a couple of under the radar digs. 

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2 hours ago, Navin R. Johnson said:

So does NU get to deduct his salary from what they owe him or is that just the case if he would take another job at a university?


I don't care. I'm just happy for Tim. We're flush with money so it's not like we need it to make payroll or anything.

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14 minutes ago, dustystehl said:

Will Tim have any "Lance Jeter played football" or "Once Roby figures out how good he is..."-esque sayings? 


I can definitely see/hear him saying:

"The aggressor always wins in basketball."

"Attack. Attack. Attack."

And an overuse of "quite frankly".


Any other ideas?


He's got a million quips. And millions more he hasn't even thought of yet. He'll have no shortage of material, I'm sure of that.


The key is whether he can explain stuff. I always loved Raftery because he could explain things so well.  Plus he was fun to listen to.


I think Miles will be a hoot and I can't wait to hear him do the color in a game.

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