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Tim Miles has a new gig!

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He should owe us money!!!  What a waste buying guys like him out all of the time to leave us with a shambled program......again!

On a day like today, coming here to bash a guy that hasn’t been our coach in 9 months, got us our first NCAA tournament appearance in so many years I don’t remember, got us our first draft pick since

Congratulations to Tim. He'll always be one of my all-time favorite Husker hoops coaches. Wish him nothing but the best.

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17 hours ago, Nighthawk said:

Any chance he could do a Nebraska game?


I was wondering this as well.  Fox owns BTN, so there is opportunity there.  However, I don't think that Fox would do that considering he is less than a year out from getting the boot.  Love the guy, would love having him do one of our games, I just don't think Fox would go there.

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14 minutes ago, dustystehl said:

Will Tim have any "Lance Jeter played football" or "Once Roby figures out how good he is..."-esque sayings? 


I can definitely see/hear him saying:

"The aggressor always wins in basketball."

"Attack. Attack. Attack."

And an overuse of "quite frankly".


Any other ideas?


He's got a million quips. And millions more he hasn't even thought of yet. He'll have no shortage of material, I'm sure of that.


The key is whether he can explain stuff. I always loved Raftery because he could explain things so well.  Plus he was fun to listen to.


I think Miles will be a hoot and I can't wait to hear him do the color in a game.

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