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Recruiting hopes for 2021....

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If they land Sallis, Tchikou and either Anselem or Breidenbach I would be very happy. They seem to be legitimately possible to sign- all of them. I keep reading that they are actually being considered by Kuminga too. Would love feedback from the informed members of this board regarding recruiting. Am I tilting at windmills or should we be cautiously optimistic?

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Sallis and Breidenbach would be the most likely out of those players imo.

Breidenbach seems to be most interested in Nebraska and Stanford right now, but he won’t make a decision until after his junior year at the earliest, so a lot can change between now and then. Something that may give us hope: he loved the laid back environment in Lincoln and he almost made it sound like he wanted to get outta California. 

Apparently the staff REALLY likes Zach Clemence. Not sure what our chances are there. Mathurin is another intriguing player to keep an eye on.

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22 hours ago, 49r said:


At this point, I think only @hhcmatt could move this thread to the recruiting board. It's outta our hands.


Having said that, I would absolutely wet myself if Jonathan Kuminga ends up playing for the Huskers in 2021. But the chances are probably only slightly better than a million to one. (Cue Dumb and Dumber gif.)

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