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45 minutes ago, Husker Hoops Penitent said:

The NCAA is capricious, but I am wondering what the informed persons on this board think of his chances for a favorable ruling?

The coaches had said earlier on they felt good about his chances of being eligible for the beginning but have since changed it to "we are not going to comment on players' eligibility"

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19 hours ago, thrasher31 said:

 Do we think this will impact the Stevenson case at all?


I don’t think it impacts it. SS leaves his first school because the new coach hired and him don’t gel so he transfers only to have his new schools coach leave. The guy has gotten a raw deal a couple times due to circumstances beyond his control. 

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Here is a list of guys who have been granted waivers this year and some research into the possible reason for why



Yellow Highlight = Team fired the coach

Red line = Obviously moving closer to home

Blue line = Seems like injury played a part

Red Question mark = technically closer to home but not really close to home

Black Question mark = Nothing publicly obvious


I think you have to have lived or grown up within 100 miles of a school for the NCAA to consider it a move closer to home so those red question marks are probably more like black question marks and thus Stevenson now being closer to Toronto than he was in Reno has probably no effect. At the end of the day it's probably him having been through two coaching changes in a year and maybe not playing much in 2018-19 as well.

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32 minutes ago, Norm Peterson said:

@hhcmatt Do you know of any similar list of guys who were denied waivers? I figure we only hear about the guys who got them, but maybe there's a list of guys who didn't.


That's a very good question that I don't have the answer to. I'd assume with so many guys transferring and so many coaches changing jobs that there have been denials. Will Thomas Allen, Nana, or Amir request waivers and if so will they be granted?

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