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Nebraska Recruiting


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My daughter has played against Jenica Lewis a few times through the years. I had always wondered why we hadn't offered her. Though we are later than most, glad to see that we have offered and that she took a visit. She is a special player. 

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Divine Bourrage

ESPN HoopGurlz No. 9
Point guard
Davenport North (IA) | All Iowa Attack

To watch Bourrage play is to watch an excellent display of the transition attack in basketball. When the ball is outlet to her, whether make or miss, she smoothly and quickly advances the ball up the floor with minimal dribbles. There were numerous examples of her getting to the paint after an opponent made basket before 4-5 seconds had come off the shot clock.

Bourrage is an extremely skilled big guard who rebounds the ball skillfully. She is shifty with her handle and uses her body well at the rim and even in post-up situations. She can score the ball from all three levels and since she added the major improvement from the 3-point line this year (it hovered around 15% last year on the 16U level only to improve to 50% this year on the 17U level), she is very hard to guard as a single defender, especially in transition. This opens things up for her to create for teammates as defenses have to commit a couple of bodies to her to slow down the ball. She helped take her squad to the EYBL championship game by averaging 10.9 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 4.3 assists. She had a very strong showing in that game going 4-for-4 from the 3 and scoring 21 points.

Defensively, she uses her big frame to disrupt the opposing team's point guard and rebound to ignite the fast break.

Bourrage is good without the ball in her hands as well as she understands the timing and execution of cuts and execution of sets. Her recruitment is all over the map and includes: Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Iowa State, Iowa, Ohio State, Rutgers, Georgia, Indiana, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Utah, Nebraska, Michigan State, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kansas State, Baylor, Minnesota, and North Carolina State.

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