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2022 D'Ante Davis

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3 hours ago, hhcmatt said:

I wonder if UCLA/Lewis will offer

UCLA basketball is in a weird place right now. I think they will see a jump in wins despite losing three big players. I really want Lewis to succeed. 

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19 hours ago, khoock said:

De'Andre Davis went from a few on here speculating he would be cut loose bc of all the super awesome 2020 guys we were offering to possibly turning this thing into a family affair with the offering of his little bro.


I've kind of been mulling over thoughts on how to respond to this. One idea was to post a GIF of Robert De Niro saying "You talkin' to me?" And since I was the only one who had responded to this thread when you made your post, it seemed reasonable to assume I'm who you were talking about. Am I wrong?


Anyway, a few things:


1. D'Andre has had a really good spring. Launched him from way under the radar to very much on the radar. From unranked to Rivals 4-star with no stops in between.  Good for him; very happy for him. It's nice to have that recognition.


2. I thought from the beginning that he was a prototypical Miles zucchini recruit: long, lean and under-rated. (Which, incidentally, is why we were able to snag him in spite of Miles being hamstrung in recruiting.) In addition, he seemed to be a good fit for Miles' system in that he was a slasher who could get baskets at the rim and was respectable, though perhaps not deadly, from deep. He resembles JPJ in more than just physical appearance, though the assessment of his shooting ability might be changing for the better. I think the local sports writers had questioned whether he was a fit for Hoiberg's system but after the spring he had, I think they've answered that question in the affirmative. (Can't find the link right now, but there was a specific story about this very issue.)


3. After Hoiberg came in and revamped the roster perhaps more than most people had anticipated, he also threw out a crap ton of offers to 2020 recruits. I'm guessing about 10 new offers to players then in the Rivals 150, some of whom were very high 4-stars. We only had 2 seniors and Roby at the time. So we really didn't have room for all the offers Hoiberg was making. Most of the players taking up spots were guys Hoiberg had recruited and signed.  And he'd displayed a clear willingness to make roster moves in order to bring in the kind of players he wants for his system.  So, if he didn't have room for the 2020 players he was offering, why do you think he was making those offers? One reasonable, plausible and realistic guess is that he was willing to part company with unsigned recruits who didn't fit his system. But what's your guess?

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@Norm Peterson honestly couldnt remember who I saw post it I just remember reading it (my memory is usually pretty good, but it was during the time where so much was being posted and talked about).


Now that I think about it, I probably remember it bc it was you who posted it. Generally, I think you provide a lot of good information and thought provoking posts. 


It was a fair post. With all the offers going out, you start to figure someones gotta go... and its not gonna be the 4* local kid and its more than likely not going to be the kids Hoiberg and Co purposefully brought in. I think De'Andre Davis' scholarship situation was similar to Thor's roster situation. Where if you had to pick one person on the roster that was gonna go most of us thought it was gonna be Thor. I think the same could be said about Dre Davis. At that moment, he was the least ballyhooed recruit in the 2019 and 2020 classes, as far as I could tell.


As with Thor's situation, I just think its interesting how quickly things can change.

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