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    • By hhcmatt
      Out of North Carolina. He went to HS at Quality Education Academy.  I feel like someone we recruited went there but the only name I can find that I recognize is Andrew White's brother.
      He had some low D-1 offers though I believe the had academic issue and went the Juco route. Unless he would redshirt next year we're looking at 2 years starting in 2021 like Keisei Tominaga.  Also like Tominaga, Ellis can shoot. Currently shooting 49% from the field and 43% from 3. 
    • By braska
      They don't have a highlight reel for his twin Charlie yet, but if/when they do I'll create a new thread for him.
    • By Navin R. Johnson
      Well, set your sights high!

      Robin Washut

      #Nebrasketball has offered the No. 1 player in the 2021 class, five-star forward 
      @JonathanKuming6 a 6' 8" shooting forward from New York.
    • By hhcmatt
      6'6" out of KC, playing at Sunrise Academy 
      Took an unofficial on Sept 14, 2019
    • By Navin R. Johnson
      Robin Washut

      #Nebrasketball has offered 2021 4-star guard Jordan Nesbitt 6' 6" shooting guard out of St. Louis.
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