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Maybe holding on for a win at Illinois isn't so embarrassing after all.

Post whatever germane stuff here. What prompted me was I saw this on Twitter this morning:   Should have a solid D line, and I didn't realize we had maybe the best returning corner in t

Just an incredible ignorant post.  We did not have better players tha,n Iowa last year.  They had 2 first round draft picks at tight end.  One who made a play to beat us.  We had no draft picks.  Our

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4 hours ago, atskooc said:



Phil Steele usually has pretty decent logic for his predictions. Schedule, returning offensive starters, returning defensive starters, among other things like that. I hope he's 100% correct. GBR!



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So, on defense, we have a LB who is the leading returning tackler in the B1G, two of the top 4 pass rushers (by win%), and a couple of the best corners.


We oughta have a pretty decent defense.


We also have arguably the best returning QB in the league. 


Question will be whether he has enough quality targets to throw to, an offensive line that can protect him and open some holes, and whether we can find a RB to give us the bump Ozigbo gave us last year.


I have some confidence that Frost can put together an offense with the tools we have and some of the pieces we've added that will be able to put some points on the board.  And we should have a good enough defense that we can outscore most teams we play.  If the answers to the above questions are favorable, 10-2 (ESPN's prediction?) is not outlandish. Vegas sets our over/under at 8.5.  


I think it all comes down to the offensive line and depth at linebacker. I'm awfully tempted to take the overs.

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I'm not really sure where else to put this, but keep Barney Cotton on your minds. He will be missing this upcoming football season, but hoping for the best that he'll see many more for years to come.


Stay strong, Coach. GBR.





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