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2021 C Wilhelm Breidenbach - LOI

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On 1/8/2020 at 5:27 PM, Norm Peterson said:


I was thinking he seems like a Max Murrell clone. Hope he chooses us over the team with a tree for a mascot.


Didn't watch anything on him until he committed and my first impression is he seems to be the same type of player Max Murell was. Wasn't the biggest Murrell fan, but Breidenbach is making the same type of plays but at a much higher level of competition. Anxious to see how he does when he gets here.

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On 10/22/2020 at 6:10 AM, Navin R. Johnson said:





 He matched up against 5 star Oregon commit Nathan Bittle last night.  I have no idea on stats but Prolific Prep totally crushed "Big Red" which is what they are calling the team since they are not playing as Mater Dei HS.


Tonights game he's going up against another 5 star center Chet Holmgren.  So definitely a fast start to the season for him.

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The kid needs to develop his body yet; but he hustles, does the little things, seems to have good feet AND good hands and appears to enjoy defending and rebounding.  Always great when you hear Nebraska brought up.

49r you are right about #2. Is his name Oakland Fort?

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Video highlights just went up on YouTube.  Not the most exciting highlights, but here are some timestamps of Breidenbach's action and my commentary :


0:38 - Announcers talk up Breidenbach in the pregame before the tip😊

2:05 - Breidenbach cleans-up a rebound off a missed layup but bricks his follow-up

3:05 - Breidenbach fakes hand-off to guard and drives ball into paint, turns over right shoulder and leaves left-handed hook shot short

3:32 - Breidenbach steps back and misses a deeeeep baseline 2-pointer

4:22 - Breidenbach playing defense 30-feet from the hoop, contests a pass which results in a steal

5:32 - Breidenbach hits a 3 from elbow

6:47 - Breidenbach challenges dunk opportunity in transition

7:07 - Another 3 from the elbow by Breidenbach

8:25 - Breidenbach corrals a terrible entry pass into the post and hits a nice hook shot

9:21 - Breidenbach fakes a hand-off and drives into the post, stops and pivots into turn-around shot, gets rejected, and results in transition dunk😬

9:41 - Ensuing possession, Breidenbach again attempts to drive the ball into the post, nearly has ball stolen by a helping Oakland Fort, and puts up a tough shot with left hand

10:27 - Breidenbach's man screens Oakland Fort's defender as the ball rotates to the top of the key.  Breidenbach caught ball-watching as Fort slips past on an easy backdoor cut, ball passes right by Breidenbach who seems a bit lost by the action.

10:45 - Breidenbach runs away from the hoop and his man on a layup attempt, instead of moving into position for a rebound

*Breidenbach pulled for a few minutes after this

12:15 - Breidenbach's man screens ballhandler at top of the key and Breidenbach rotates and collapses into lane to challenge layup attempt

12:29 - Breidenbach slaps at ball and dislodges it, steal recovered by teammate; Breidenbach sprints down the floor and receives and outlet pass, then drives into the lane and hits left-handed floater


I was generally impressed by his range and repertoire of shots in the post.  Very active hands on defense.  Seemed to really struggle when he tried to create his own shots.

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5 hours ago, 49r said:

I want to know who that #2 is for the gray team.  He looks like the best player on the floor so far.

Hard to know whether, (i) # 2 is really good, or (ii) the Big Red guards who play against him aren’t.  The disparity in quality of guards is glaring.
Breidenbach’s strength is, obviously, as a stretch four.  He runs the floor well, brings the ball up the floor a lot, passes well and has great touch.  His threes are perfect—barely ripple the net—and his sky hook is the same (with both hands!!!).  He’s very active and disruptive on defense: has quick hands, harasses the opposing player, and creates turnovers.  Being a banger inside is not his forte.  Only negative: he got frustrated and then tried to do too much.

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Will be interesting to see how Mater Dei does this year. Devin Askew did like 85% of their ball-handling last year. He's gone and so is their starting SG and their 6th man. Breidenbach, Nick Davidson and Harrison Hornery are all D-I guys, but they all do some of the same things and are all about the same size. Not sure who's going to create off the bounce for them. 

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Agree.  He has good range.  He can use either hand around the basket and has active hands.   Will have to get those feet moving.   I didn't necessarily see the hustle I saw in other highlights.   He's moving from one Big Red to another.   

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