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Navin R. Johnson

2021 SF Jonathan Kuminga 5 star

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I've been waiting on this one.


And really, we should probably be offering about half of the Rens. Use Coach Matt's connections while they're still fresh. The NY Rens can be Hoiberg's Mac Irvin Fire. Which, while it didn't really pan out for Miles, did draw some excitement and attention to the program. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Abdelmassih was able to actually pull one or two.


Here are the possibilities (see each in the video below)...


0 Jonathan Kuminga ('21 - offered)
1 Nate Tabor ('20)
2 RJ Davis ('20)
13 Adama Sanogo ('21 - offered)
55 Lance Ware ('20)

25 Ethan Morton ('20 - Purdue commit)




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