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NCAA Baseball Tourney Thread

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Got our first beach ball casualty of the CWS this year. RIP.

That team up north is losing 4-0 to Michigan right now.

Sorry.  Jays fans in this neck of the woods (I think I met one), can only see their favorite team play a total of 17 or 18 times on the big screens at Conlee's.  Once in basketball, 3 times in basebal

38 minutes ago, Silverbacked1 said:


But he really blew it in the ninth today.


That was my point.  He now lives under the Arkansas curse.  Besides all the cross country and track titles, the only national championship they have in the men's sports is a 1994 basketball championship under Nolan Richardson. 

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16 minutes ago, KZRider said:

Mich just looked liked a championship team against FSU. Huskers beat 'em in the regular season and again in B1G tournament. We were SO CLOSE this year!


Not to undermine the accomplishment, but Michigan certainly has gotten the best draw in the College World Series right now. Arkansas was the major contender in their bracket and Michigan/Florida State were both "Last Four In".


The other side of the bracket is fierce with Mississippi State and Vanderbilt. But like I said, you can't undermine Michigan's position because they survived the #1 overall Regional, so I suppose that makes sense. Great start for the Blue.


I just remember when we matched up against them, we had the better pitching staff but weaker bats. Michigan's success in this tournament is going to be how deep they can go with their pitchers to pull out two wins in the finals.

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13 hours ago, HuskerFever said:

The road for Mike Martin ends in Omaha. Win or lose, what a special way to end a career.


Down to 5 teams left in Omaha:




5 teams left in Omaha...  


Nebraska record against those five teams this year was 4-2.  So dang close and just goes to show that we were right there this year.

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Here's an interesting look at conference participation in the College World Series:




103 - SEC

101 - Pac-12

96 - ACC

79 - Big 12

29 - Big Ten

26 - Big West

16 - AAC

11 - Big East / WAC

9 - MVC

8 - America East / Ivy / C-USA / Patriot


73 - Conferences that no longer exist

12 - Schools that no longer have baseball programs

8 - Schools that are no longer in D1

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