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Norm Peterson

Keeping up with the offers/visits

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3 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

Kuminga looks like what I'm going to start calling a "Hoiberg 4."


The fact they're going to go see him tells me he didn't just tell us to pound sand and didn't throw our recruiting letter in the circular file.


Matt apparently has a long and real good relationship with Kuminga and his family at St Johns. Not saying we get him but they are in the game at least.

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1 hour ago, NebrasketballJake said:


The first big visitor for the Opening Night event that I’ve seen

Frank Anselem, Kendall Brown, Hunter Sallis, Tamin Lipsey, Tamar Bates and Tarris Reed will also be visiting that weekend. Not sure how many of them will be there for the basketball event, but they’ll all be at the football game on Saturday.

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3 hours ago, Navin R. Johnson said:
Want to know who else is jacked up about Nebraska-Ohio State being a night game? #Nebrasketball. A huge hoops recruiting weekend just got even better. That visitor list is going to be loaded.



I wonder if LeBron will be there. I'd imagine Gabrielle Union and D-Wade will be. Could be another interesting twist to recruiting for hoops with celebs possibly on the sidelines... Gabby, do some work for NU! GBR


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