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Norm Peterson

Keeping up with the offers/visits

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On 4/11/2020 at 8:36 PM, Silverbacked1 said:

You gotta Rembrandt that my fingers don't always hit the fright keys.😐🤨

Sheriff Chauncy: "Who's this guy, Rembrandt?"

Gene Wilder: "Rembrandt's Dead!" 

'Silver Streak' - movie worth watching while you're sheltering in place. :wink:

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10 hours ago, Navin R. Johnson said:
Nebraska has now offered Quincy Allen. (Top 50, 4 star, 6' 6" SF, 2021 from Washington DC)
Also if you Google the name you might get a serial killer from 2002.  This is not him.


9 hours ago, Red Don said:

2022 SG, Jameel Brown, Haverford School, Philadelphia, PA




9 hours ago, Red Don said:

2021 John Camden, 6-7, 185lb, SF, Archbishop Carroll, Philadelphia, PA





More distraction to mask the guys they're *really* going after?





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Nebraska has offered

freshman Aaron Bradshaw



Pat Lawless
Jayden Pierre, a class of 2022 guard from Elizabeth (NJ)/@RioUniversity (NJ), has picked up an offer from Nebraska.
Blessed to receive an offer from the University of Nebraska

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