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2019 Juco Cam Mack - LOI

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9 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

Based on absolutely nothing other than wishful thinking and a hunch, I’ll say we lock up Cam this weekend and the Big Red Fred train keeps rollin’ along!


I think he'll take his next visit to A&M and one more visit after that, also a hunch

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Feeling like we're casting some bad juju on Cam by turning this into a Jaron Boone nostalgia thread. Cam's in town this weekend. Jaron isn't.

He's N!!!!

If we can start Mack, Green and Burke at 1, 2, 3, and then bring Cheatham and Harris off the bench, that's a great set of PGs and wings.   From Rivals story: On Hoiberg: “Me and hi

12 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

Aside from the numerous women in the Niagra Falls area you’ve had sex with, name someone around here you’ve “laid”?


I have no idea what this references/means...but, can I have some of what you were doing last night?

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@Handy Johnson was just riffing on the John Hughes vibe as we all await (hopefully) Mack's announcement that he's N.


The line he was paraphrasing was from this scene in The Breakfast Club (it starts with Bender trying to get Claire's attention):



Then to this:



Then finally, later on in the scene, is the line that @Handy Johnson is referencing:



I wish I could have found a clip of the whole scene but couldn't.

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1 hour ago, Handy Johnson said:

It’s a line from the “Breakfast Club” when Anthony Michael Hall’s character is conflating his romantic conquests & Judd Nelson’s character calls BS. It struck me as somewhat apropos & funny ? last night... That being said I hope Royalsfan’s intel is spot on!


Certainly no inside information.  Just relaying what my brother's friend told him occurred on the plane.  Beyond that, all I know for sure is that I am not lying and my brother is not lying.  

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